about me

Caught doing some paperwork - the smile is only for the camera - I hate paperwork!


My love for sewing started when I was a kid, making ill-fitting Barbie clothes from my mom's scraps. She taught me the basics, from sewing by hand to how to use a Simplicity pattern. Other skills I learned from tv, like how to make a slipcover for a suitcase, a really useless project for a 12 year old (or anyone else) but what did I know?  I would make anything!


High School meant 4 years of home ec, by choice, of course.  I think 4 years of art, too.  Not sure how I got away with that, but if you add in my year of community college, that about covers my Formal Art Training.  Everything else was purely trial and error, yards and yards of errors, with a wearable item every now and then.


When I was about 22, I visited the local quilt shop to buy materials for my first quilt - it would be very traditional, cut and sewn completely by hand.  Since I was living at home, and who knew what size bed I would have in the future, I went with - king sized!  And they measured and bundled my fabrics and sent me on my way! For my 1st quilt!!  I don't know how long it took to finish, but I do remember hauling it with me on a trip to Boston with my boyfriend (now my husband) so I could do some hand quilting while visiting his aunt. 


Today I'm never far from a needle and thread.  I've done many forms of art and craft over the years, sometimes for fun and sometimes for profit,  but I always come back to sewing.  I get to combine those early skills with new ones all the time. And after all these years of practice, I finally feel comfortable calling myself an artist(sometimes).